Criminal Defense
A criminal charge can affect you for the rest of your life—from your ability to get a job or housing, to your right to vote, to own a gun, run a business, or remain legally in the United States.  As a result, your choice of legal counsel in defending against criminal charges is one of the most important decisions you will ever make.

Winn Law, P.C. provides the most effective, comprehensive criminal representation available for Massachusetts’ residents.  Attorney Patrick Winn has handled thousands of criminal cases throughout his career.  He is experienced with probable cause hearings, arraignments, pretrial hearings, motion practice and trials.  Mr. Winn has successfully tried dozens of criminal cases before judges and juries in Massachusetts. 

Attorney Winn will zealously assert your privacy and due process rights. He has an expert understanding of Massachusetts’ criminal law and has successfully argued numerous motions to suppress evidence.  Mr. Winn has successfully moved to dismiss criminal charges on his client’s behalf based on a lack of sufficient evidence to prosecute. 

Mr. Winn takes the life-long consequences that flow from criminal charges to heart, and works tirelessly to assert all the rights and advantages available to his clients. By hiring Winn Law, P.C. you will avail yourself of the expertise and strong advocacy our firm provides in criminal defense.
General Practice
Winn Law, P.C. provides legal assistance to individuals and businesses that face the prospect of civil litigation.  Attorney Patrick Winn has years of professional experience representing clients in disputes involving small claims, real estate, housing, construction, insurance and medical malpractice. Mr. Winn believes in transparency with legal fees and in tailoring a litigation strategy for his clients in a way that makes sense.

Mr. Winn brings his expertise in motions, trials and oral advocacy to civil disputes.  He has assisted numerous civil litigants in the past.  Attorney Winn’s combination of powerful oral advocacy and legal writing skills make Winn Law, P.C. a valuable resource in any dispute involving litigation. 
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